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BrainyEX provides baseline testing, prescribed exercise and education, and resources that build on the latest evidence for brain health.

Take the most important step in your health and wellness today. Join BrainyEX trained providers in your journey to Build a Better Body and Build a Better Brain!



Cardiac Rehab

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death in both men and women and the prevalence of risk factors continues to rise. Exercise is proven to be one of the most powerful medications to manage CVD risk factors. However, many people are unable to maintain therapeutic levels of physical activity due to chronic pain or musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis, back pain or knee problems. The M.O.G.’s expert medically trained staff will provide a safe and supervised exercise treatment program by working with all aspects of your health history. Our functional exercise equipment and private exercise room gives patients with CVD the best environment to remain active, be confident and safe.



Managing diabetes can be challenging, but we can help you learn to manage blood sugar through regular exercise. Understanding the patterns of your personal blood sugar changes and how insulin affects your body can free you to live a life you may never have thought possible. People with diabetes can safely exercise at the M.O.G. with close tracking of blood sugar responses. Whether it be diabetic neuropathies, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, our medically trained staff will work closely with your physician to maintain safe levels during exercise. We are dedicated to assisting in the management of your blood sugars and will consult with your physician to ensure that the safest and most effective levels are attained. Our ultimate goal is a reduction in your need for diabetic medications due to the amazingly therapeutic effect of exercise on your blood sugar.


Employee Wellness

The M.O.G.’s highly specialized exercise programs focus on preventable healthcare challenges and can also help to complement existing employee wellness initiatives within the workplace. We are proud to work closely with administrators, staff and physicians to help achieve each individual’s fitness goals. The following organizations are leaders in supporting the health and wellness of their employees. Additional corporate resources include:  Ergonomics/Workplace Injury Prevention; On-site Fitness Facility Management (for your existing or planned corporate fitness facility);  Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Screenings.   Interested in incorporating the M.O.G. into your Employee Wellness efforts? Our services can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us to learn how your company can reduce healthcare costs, improve satisfaction and increase productivity by supporting employee health.


Fall Risk

Many older adults often limit physical activity because they are afraid of falling or have a history of falls. An inactive lifestyle can actually lead to a greater risk of injury due to a fall. Fall prevention exercises are crucial to maintaining muscular strength, building endurance, and improving balance to get through your everyday activities safely. Increased physical activity can also build confidence and enhance your ability to remain independent. Expert medically trained staff will provide a safe and supervised exercise treatment program to help you remain active, be confident and stay safe. By working with all aspects of your health history and combining resistance training with coordination/balance exercises, you can reduce your risk of falls and minimize injuries associated with a fall.



The M.O.G. supports a lifelong love of exercise. Life is busy, but we believe that healthy living can and should be a family activity. To help this happen with the real-life challenges of today’s families, the M.O.G. developed a program for the children in our community! This isn’t your ordinary gym babysitting service: MOG Kidz is a structured program designed to teach your children to love being physically active and choose more healthy foods! Topics and activities include dancing, obstacle courses, measuring heart rate, understanding why we sweat, and learning how much sugar is in the foods we eat.      Age groups: 6-12 years old  / Cost: $24 for 4 weeks; $60 for 12 weeks.  For more information regarding the MOG Kidz program, click here!


Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders do not have to be the debilitating process they are commonly thought to be. Exercise has been demonstrated as a powerful “medicine” for Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Essential tremor patients and elicits a significant reduction in symptoms as reported by many patients. Our current data, which is still in the collection phase, suggests that those individuals participating in a regular exercise program at least 2x/week have little to no progression in their Parkinson’s symptoms over 1 year.  The M.O.G. has individual and group exercise programs focused on balance, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance to help you maintain your independence and be confident in your daily activities. The M.O.G. is a safe, friendly environment where those with any movement disorder can feel comfortable in their surroundings and confident with the staff that care for and support them.  The Movement Disorder group is a small group (up to ratio of 4:1) who gets exercises specifically designed to meet the individual patient’s needs. When signing up, the patient will receive an initial assessment by an Exercise Physiologist to look at memory, posture, range of motion, grip dexterity, balance, and functional motion.  Please contact us for more information regarding the movement disorder program!


Running Assessment w/ Video Analysis

Our running assessment is performed by a skilled therapist and utilizes video capture to examine potential deficits in running mechanics. The initial 90-minute assessment includes a review of the client’s history, training log, and running goals followed by a formal musculoskeletal evaluation and video capture.  A second 60-minute visit includes review of the video analysis with the client to provide strategies to correct running mechanic deviations, an individualized home exercise program to address weaknesses and deficits noted on the musculoskeletal evaluation, and recommendations for proper footwear and/or orthotics as needed. Appointments for the running assessment with video analysis can be made through the Lusby location (video analysis will be performed at our Medically Oriented Gym location) at 410-326-3432.


Program fees:

- Assessment & Analysis fee  – $300.00 (includes two sessions)

- Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed – $60 for 30 minutes or $100 for 60 minutes


Stretch N' GO - What is a Stretch N’ Go?

Stretch N’ Go is a MOG Exclusive Manual Stretch program, a combination of massage, stretching, and relaxation. Each Stretch N’ Go session is 45-minutes long and is performed by one of our professionally trained staff members.  Our staff has a great amount of experience in treating various physical ailments and is able to apply the most effective technique suited to your needs. With a Stretch N’ Go, you will get a subjective assessment, including any precautions and physical limitations you may have.  You will also receive a hypomobility analysis determining which areas (i.e. neck, shoulders, hips, etc.) may need to be worked on the most, and your progress will be tracked at each session.   What are the benefits of manual stretching?   When a manual stretch is applied to your muscles, the body relaxes and the muscles respond more effectively. The benefits of stretching are long-lasting Stretching increases your flexibility. Flexible muscles can make daily activities of living much easier. Stretching improves the range of motion of your joints, improving your balance, keeping you mobile and less likely to become injured, especially as you age. Stretching can relieve stress by relaxing tense muscles. Stretching improves circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles.  Improved circulation speeds the recovery following muscle injuries.    45-minute sessions are $55; 15-minute sessions are $25 .   Package options are available.  (*Prices are subject to change.)




With medically trained staff always accessible, the M.O.G. is well equipped to serve the unique needs of veterans and help them achieve the exceptional quality of life and health they deserve. Some veterans can exercise independently (with quarterly program re-evaluations) while others may need closer supervision, guidance and training to improve their health and stay safe. The M.O.G. offers 15% off of membership fees for ANY active military personnel or veteran. To enroll, veterans must sign up at the M.O.G. at 23123 Camden Way, California Md. All active military personnel and veterans will verify their service by presenting their military ID.  In addition, the Medically Oriented Gym is a supporter of Catch A Lift, a non-profit organization that supports physical fitness as part of rehabilitation of post 9/11 veterans. For more information, check out their website: www.catchaliftfund.org.

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