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During the nutrition consultation, we will evaluate where you are right now and the challenges that you are facing. In order to do so, there is a need to understand your current nutritional intake. Keeping a log of the food that you eat will provide us with the necessary snapshot that will assist us in helping you make simple, dietary changes.  We will address any social or emotional stressors that could be affecting your eating patterns and how to cope with those stressors. This is also an educational session and you will learn important information that will guide towards a healthy nutrition lifestyle. For example, you will learn what a calorie is, effects on metabolism, why all carbohydrates are not the same, and easy tips that you are able to implement right away!


M.O.G. Fitness Evaluation

Fitness Assessments begin with a medical lifestyle questionnaire as well as a comprehensive exam. Once your current level of fitness has been assessed, our professionally trained staff will develop a personalized program designed to meet your fitness goals. In addition, the staff of the M.O.G. will discuss all available services offered at our facility and you will be given an opportunity to try each of them.

This one of a kind fitness evaluation is based in research and provides you a true analysis of your current fitness level. A "M.O.G. Score" is established by measuring and analyzing your body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference, and your aerobic tolerance. Once your score is established a true personal fitness program is designed, and at the M.O.G. we re-evaluate your M.O.G. Fitness Score every 90 days.


Personal Training

 If you desire even more specialized attention, personal training is for you. With programs designed specifically to fit your needs and a trainer always present to ensure proper form and motivation, your goals will be met in no time



Group Training

This program is an affordable fun way to give you that extra edge in your training. Find a partner or group or we will help you join up with someone. Keep each other motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster!



Team Training

Youth sports teams, junior hockey teams, and elite athletes all have access to the the expert health and fitness professionals at the M.O.G. Our high trained staff is able to design team training sessions, specific to the sport, that will improve not only the performance of the team on the field, but also develop a team bond that is essential for team success.


Health Coaching

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

We facilitate client-centered health coaching, where your personal health and wellness coach will work as your ally, empowering you to achieve your goals and overcome barriers to health and wellness. A health coach can help you change for good!

Your certified coach, will apply their knowledge and skills to help you activate internal strengths and external resources for lifelong change.  This is more than focusing on weight loss and diet.  This is about your health and the most important aspect of your life: Happiness and balance!





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